Now Hiring: Instructors for Summer 2020 Camps

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  • Flexible hours
  • Make a difference
  • Improve public speaking and communication skills
  • Connect with others
  • Collaborate with an awesome team
  • Learn about STEM technology

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Here’s what past team members have said about working at BRAINopolis:

“This job helped me get better at discipline and improve my public speaking skills.” - Faiza

“I enjoyed getting kids interested in the subjects we taught, and knowing that they would
continue to explore them. I’ve learned as much from the kids as they have from me.” - Alex

“Working for BRAINopolis was a unique experience that helped me understand more about
the behind-the-scenes work, like marketing, designing, and planning. It was a great experience
to work as a team and help others.” - Thuan

"I have learned so much while working with Brainopolis. I have improved in my public speaking
skills, how to talk with parents, other co-workers and etc. I have also learned other useful skills
such as Scratch, Flash, and Audacity." - Lamiya

"I learned more about social dynamics in younger human circles and settings, behavioral
techniques and what works as an instructor." - Thomas

“Getting to work independently, learning about STEM, having ideas and input taken into consideration,
and working with creative and smart kids were all benefits of working with BRAINopolis.” - Julia

"I learned a lot about myself and found some newly learned skills such as discipline, assertiveness,
interactive teaching, improved communication, and lightning-fast thinking and problem solving." - Angela

"Working with BRAINopolis has helped me in my future career because of the varied interactions
and learning experiences I had with kids and adults alike. From teaching kids robotics to animal
anatomy, it was such a cool experience!" - Salma

"It was a pleasure to work as a instructor with Brainopolis, as teaching the classes, interacting with
school aged kids, and working on neat projects felt motivating, liberating and unique to any
tutoring or teaching job I had prior. I would highly encourage anyone who enjoys teaching whilst actively
engaging students to work for Brainopolis." - Flora

"The Brainopolis staff was supportive and flexible when it came to creating my work schedule around my
rigorous engineering coursework. Teaching each after-school class was also a great way to solidify my
physics foundation and get introduced to other disciplines... I can confidently say that Brainopolis
is a nurturing and rewarding place to work and grow while being a college student!"Nusha

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